Whittier City Jobs: Your Guide to Local Opportunities

If you're searching for Whittier city jobs, you've come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into the job market in this thriving Southern California city. For those seeking Whittier City jobs, the town offers a variety of industries and opportunities.

In the following sections, we'll explore various aspects of working in Whittier - from its numerous benefits to commuting options and effective strategies for finding great Whittier City jobs.

We'll also delve into the fastest-growing fields in Whittier for 2023, equipping you with the essential knowledge to navigate the local job market successfully.

As you read on, prepare yourself to gain invaluable information about securing fulfilling employment within Whittier City jobs that aligns with your skills and aspirations.

Job Opportunities in Whittier

You're in luck. This bustling city has a diverse economy with plenty of opportunities for job seekers. Moreover, the nearby towns of La Habra, Santa Fe Springs, City of Industry, Hacienda Heights, and Pico Rivera present further chances for job seekers.

Some of the top employers in Whittier include PIH Health Hospital, Whittier College, Whittier Union High School District, and the City of Whittier Public Works Department. But don't stop there - plenty of small businesses also contribute to the local economy.


  • Healthcare: PIH Health Hospital is just one of many healthcare providers in the area.
  • Education: Whittier College and Whittier Union High School District are two major employers in the education sector.
  • Retail: Big box stores like Target and Walmart offer a range of positions, from sales associates to management roles.
  • Manufacturing: Companies like Raymond Corporation provide material handling solutions and job opportunities in the manufacturing sector.
  • Professional Services: Whittier has many professional service providers, from accountants to lawyers.

Specific Companies

For those looking for a particular business to work with, there are several in the surrounding area; Wells Fargo Bank is one such example located nearby in Hacienda Heights. For example, Wells Fargo Bank has a location in nearby Hacienda Heights. 

Other Specific Employers in Whittier

Aside from the larger employers mentioned earlier, specific companies offer employment opportunities in Whittier. Here are some of them:

Bright Health Physicians

Bright Health Physicians is a medical group that provides healthcare services to patients in Southern California. They have several locations throughout Los Angeles County, including one in Whittier.

Visit their website here.

Pierson Company

The Pierson Company is a food manufacturer and distributor based in Whittier. They produce various products such as juices, salad dressings, and sauces for retail and food service industries.

Visit their website here.

Coldwell Banker Alliance Realty

Coldwell Banker Alliance Realty is a real estate brokerage firm with an office on Greenleaf Avenue in downtown Whittier. They provide residential and commercial real estate services to clients throughout the area.

Visit their website here.

Rio Hondo College

Rio Hondo College is a community college located just outside of central Whittier. The college offers various degree programs and vocational training courses for students looking to enter the workforce directly after graduation.

Visit their website here.

In summary, We can see that many different types of employers are available within the city limits of Whittier. From healthcare to real estate, there are opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. By exploring these options, job seekers can find the perfect fit for their career goals and aspirations.

Entry-Level Whittier City Jobs

If you seek an entry-level position, consider the hospitality industry for opportunities such as guest services and housekeeping at DoubleTree by Hilton. Check out these options:

  • Hospitality: Hotels like DoubleTree by Hilton offer Whittier City guest services and housekeeping jobs.
  • Food Service: Restaurants like In-N-Out Burger hire staff members for both front-of-house and back-of-house positions.

Overall, Whittier and its surrounding cities offer many job opportunities for individuals with varying skill sets and interests.

So what are you waiting for?

Start your job search today.

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Benefits of Working in Whittier

Whittier, California, is a thriving city with numerous job opportunities and advantages for those seeking employment. The benefits of working in Whittier extend beyond the city itself to include neighboring areas such as La Habra, Santa Fe Springs, City of Industry, Hacienda Heights, and Pico Rivera.

Diverse Job Market

The Whittier Area Chamber of Commerce highlights the diverse range of industries present within the region. From healthcare to retail and education to manufacturing, there are ample opportunities for job seekers across various fields.

Economic Growth

Whittier has experienced significant economic growth recently, resulting in more job openings and career advancement possibilities. Data USA shows median household income increased by 5% between 2018-2023.

Competitive Salaries & Benefits Packages

Employers in Whittier often offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance coverage options and retirement plans. This helps employees maintain a comfortable lifestyle while planning for future financial needs.

Educational Opportunities & Workforce Development Programs

  • School Districts: Highly-rated school districts, such as East Whittier School District (EWCSD), serve residents living in or near Whittier.
  • Rio Hondo College: As one of the premier community colleges in California, Rio Hondo College offers numerous academic and career training programs.
  • Workforce Development Programs: Whittier has several workforce development programs that can help job seekers gain new skills or improve existing ones, such as those offered by the Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority (SASSFA).

Strong Sense of Community & Work-Life Balance

Whittier offers a desirable work-life balance, boasting an inclusive community and abundant opportunities for relaxation. With various parks, recreational facilities, cultural events, and local businesses within reach, employees can easily unwind after a long day at work.

Key Takeaway: 

Whittier, California, offers a diverse job market with healthcare, retail, education, and manufacturing opportunities. The city has experienced significant economic growth resulting in competitive salaries and employee benefits packages. Whittier also provides educational opportunities and workforce development programs while maintaining a strong sense of community and work-life balance.

Commuting to Work in Whittier

Commuting to work in Whittier and nearby cities like La Habra, Santa Fe Springs, City of Industry, Hacienda Heights, and Pico Rivera is a breeze, with various transportation options available.

What Are the Nearest Cities to Whittier, CA?

Knowing what other nearby cities may have job opportunities is helpful if you're looking for employment in Whittier, CA. Here are some of the nearest towns to Whittier:

La Habra

Located just 5 miles north of Whittier is La Habra. This city has a population of around 60,000 and offers a variety of jobs in industries such as healthcare, education, and retail.

Check out current job openings in La Habra here.

Santa Fe Springs

About 4 miles southwest of Whittier is Santa Fe Springs. With a population of around 17,000 people and an industrial park over six square miles, this city provides many employment opportunities in manufacturing and logistics.

View current job listings for Santa Fe Springs here.

Hacienda Heights

To the east of Whittier lies Hacienda Heights, with a population of close to 55k residents. The top employers include educational services like schools or universities, followed by food service providers such as restaurants or fast-food chains.

Find your next career opportunity on Indeed for Hacienda Heights here!

Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera sits about five miles southeast of the central Whittier area, with a population of around 63,000. The city has a diverse economy with job opportunities in healthcare, education, and government services.

Explore current job openings in Pico Rivera here on Indeed.

City of Industry

The City of Industry is about eight miles east of Whittier, and it's home to over 2k businesses that provide employment opportunities for the local community as well as people from neighboring areas. Industries such as manufacturing, retail, or wholesale are among this area's top employers.

Check out career listings available at the City of Industry here!

No matter which nearby city you choose to work in, check online job boards regularly for new postings and keep your resume up-to-date so you can apply quickly when an opportunity arises!

Public Transportation

Whittier Transit offers local bus services, and LA Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), and Foothill Transit provide regional bus routes connecting Whittier with neighboring cities.

Carpooling & Ridesharing

Save money and make friends by carpooling with Waze Carpool or iCarpool. Or, use rideshare apps like UberPool or Lyft Line for a more personalized ride.

Biking & Walking Paths

  • The Greenway Trail: A 4.5-mile paved trail perfect for biking or walking to work if you live nearby.
  • Hellman Park Trail: The Hellman Park Trail offers a 3.6-mile trek for those who love to take in the sights while walking or cycling.

Driving & Parking

Driving to work for Whitier City jobs? No problem. Whittier and surrounding cities offer ample parking options in public lots and garages. Check for any parking restrictions and fees associated with your workplace location.

Traffic Conditions

  • Sigalert: Check real-time traffic conditions before hitting the road.
  • Waze App: Get live updates on traffic congestion, accidents, and other incidents on your commute route.

Choose the transportation option that best suits your needs and preferences while considering factors like cost-effectiveness, travel time, environmental impact, and personal comfort level.

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Finding a Job in Whittier

Finding the perfect job in Whittier is easier than you think. With its diverse economy, numerous industries are thriving within the city and surrounding areas. To help you navigate this process more efficiently, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Your Skills and Interests: Assess your skillset and identify what work excites you. This will help narrow your search to positions matching your abilities and passions.
  2. Research Local Industries Offering Whittier City Jobs: Familiarize yourself with the various industries present in Whittier, such as healthcare, education, retail trade, manufacturing, or public administration. Understanding which sectors are flourishing can provide valuable insight into potential job opportunities.
  3. Create a Targeted Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight relevant experience for each specific position you apply for. A well-crafted resume increases your chances of catching an employer's attention.
  4. Leverage Online Job Platforms: Utilize popular online job platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, or local resources like the Whittier Recruiter. These websites offer extensive listings across multiple industries catering to different levels of expertise.
  5. Tap Into Your Network: Reach out to friends or acquaintances who work in Whittier or the surrounding areas. They may have valuable information about job openings, company culture, and potential organizational connections.
  6. Attend Local Job Fairs: Participate in local job fairs organized by the City of Whittier, colleges, or other community groups. Attend these events to get a chance to connect with employers and leave an impactful impression personally.

By attending local job fairs and networking with employers in Whittier and its neighboring cities, you can create a path towards a career that aligns with your skillset and passions. Don't give up; you got this. Search our site for the best Whittier city jobs available now.

Key Takeaway: 

To find a job in Whittier, identify your skills and interests, research local industries such as healthcare or public administration, create a targeted resume, leverage online job platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn Jobs, tap into your network of friends and acquaintances who work in the area for potential connections within their organizations and attend local job fairs to meet employers face-to-face.

Applying for Whittier City Jobs

Don't stress; we've got you covered. Here are some tips to help you land that dream job:

Tailor Your Resume

Ensure your resume is customized to the position you're applying for, highlighting pertinent abilities and experiences; then double-check it before submission. Highlight your relevant skills and experiences, and don't forget to proofread.

Write a Compelling Cover Letter

A cover letter is your chance to showcase why you're the perfect fit for Whittier City jobs. Be sure to address gaps in your work history and explain your interest in the position.

Check Out Online Job Boards

Online job boards are a great way to find job openings in Whittier. Create a profile, upload your resume and cover letter, and apply directly through the website.

Network with Local Professionals

Attend local events and meetups to connect with professionals who may have insights into available positions or upcoming openings within their companies.

By following these strategies, you can secure the job of your aspirations in Whittier.

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Fastest Growing Fields in Whittier for 2023

Whittier's job market is constantly changing, with new and existing industries expanding. To keep you abreast of the latest developments, here are some of the fastest-growing sectors in Whittier for 2023.


With the population aging and medical technology advancing, there will be an increased need for healthcare professionals such as nurses, physicians, therapists, and technicians.

E-commerce & Logistics

As online shopping becomes more commonplace, e-commerce businesses have seen a surge in activity and need for logistics services such as warehousing and transportation management. This growth has increased demand for logistics services like warehousing and transportation management.

Clean Energy & Sustainability

California's renewable energy industry has experienced substantial growth recently, leading to employment opportunities related to solar power installation or wind turbine maintenance.

Technology & IT Services

Whittier's proximity to the tech hub of Los Angeles makes it an attractive location for technology and IT services companies. A surge in demand for those versed in coding, cyber security, data assessment, and system administration is expected.


The demand for qualified educators remains strong in Whittier, with job opportunities ranging from elementary teachers to college professors.

Consider these fastest-growing fields when evaluating your career options in Whittier. By staying informed about industry trends and pursuing relevant skills or certifications, you can increase your chances of securing a fulfilling job within one of these thriving sectors.

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FAQs about Whittier City Jobs

What is Whittier, CA, famous for?

Whittier, CA, is famous for its historic Uptown District, vibrant shopping scene, and beautiful architecture, including the former site of President Richard Nixon's alma mater.

What are some fun facts about Whittier, CA?

  • Whittier was founded by Quakers in 1887.
  • Pio Pico State Historical Park preserves the adobe home of California's last Mexican governor.
  • The city was named after the famous poet John Greenleaf Whittier.

What is it like living in Whittier?

Living in Whittier offers a suburban feel with access to urban amenities, excellent schools, diverse dining options, cultural events, and outdoor recreation opportunities at nearby parks and trails.

Check Out the Local Opportunities in Whittier

If you're looking for Whittier City jobs, you're in luck! There are plenty of employment opportunities available in this bustling city.

Don't know where to start? Check out job boards like Indeed or Whittier Chamber of Commerce for local listings.

But don't stop there! Attend networking events like the Whittier Networking Group to make connections and learn about hidden job opportunities.

With commuting made easy and benefits like a lower cost of living, Whittier is the perfect place to start your next career move. Start your job search at WhittierJobs.com today!